Write a LinkedIn Heading That Yields Results

A well written LinkedIn header results in hiring managers calling you and attracts clients.

What is the purpose of the LinkedIn Header?

Consisting of only 120 characters, the LinkedIn header is where you let others in the network know something about you and your profile.  Based on your LinkedIn Header hiring mananagers and possible clients decide whether they want to learn more about you.

3 Steps for Writing an Optimized LinkedIn Header

Step 1: Know Your Target Audience

Selling to everyone is the same as selling to no one.  Ask yourself the following questions,” Who do I most want to read my profile?”, “Who are the professionals that I want to trust my brand?”, “If I had to choose one group of professionals to review my profile, who would I target?” 

Examples of professionals you might want to target: 

  • Hiring Managers and Recruiters
  • Customers
  • Co-Workers
  • Top Talent
  • Professionals that Book Speakers

Step 2: Clarify Why Your Target Audience Would Look At Your Profile

There are three main reasons people look at LinkedIn Profiles. 

  • Professionals are interested in other Professionals that help them grow their career
  • Professionals are interested in Professionals who can solve their business problems
  • Professionals are interested in partnering with Professionals with verifiable expertise

Step 3: Realize Your Heading Is All About Your Target Audience

Your header should not be a brag line or populated with your title.  Hook them in by telling them how you grow their career, solve their problem, or will deliver the right goods and services.


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