Ahead of the Curve Free Coaching Call

Our free Ahead of the Curve Career Coaching call is for Professionals who want to build a competitive advantage.  We help you future-proof your career and improve your Professional Brand.  With this free call we share ideas that will help you:

  1. Take ownership of your Professional Brand.
  2. Update your LinkedIn Portfolio and resume to make you a magnet for Career Opportunities.
  3. Future-Proof your Career.

We give you feedback and ideas that keep you Relevant, Influential, In-Demand and Ahead of the Curve.

Some quotes from our clients:

“… instrumental in helping me update my personal brand, portfolio, social media presence and strategy … cutting edge insights on how to remain relevant in the rapidly changing workplace landscape.”

“… expertise optimizing my LinkedIn profile and resume helped me gain recruiter recognition across many platforms.“

“… strategic skills are bar none the best … focused on the significant changes occurring in the World of Work, both for the employer as well as for candidates in search of new opportunities.”

“ … I highly recommend their services and guidance to anyone wanting to build, improve or advance their career.”

Join other clients who do the ‘intelligent work’ now so they’re not doing ‘impossible work’ later … we’re ready to work with you to keep you Ahead of the Curve!

What’s included?

Choose the focus of your free call (up to 15 minutes):

  • Access to proprietary ideas for:
    • Optimizing your LinkedIn Portfolio
    • Writing the new resume
    • Optimizing the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) notes for HR, Recruiters and hiring managers
    • Competitive analysis of you vs. the competition
    • Career Future-proof checklist
    • Offer Negotiation and Interview Preparation
  • Additional Career Coaching or Entrepreneur Support as needed

How does your free coaching call work?

  • Register for your free coaching call (up to 15 minutes) when you’re ready to build a competitive advantage.

We look forward to opportunities to support your career progress.