Our Services

Keep you relevant

We help companies engage Top Talent on Day 1.

We help you Recruit and Attract Top Talent by improving your Employee Living Logo™.


We help companies that need a proven system for retaining Top Talent.

We advise and train on how to create a retention culture based on Self-verification and Identity Fusion Principles to create loyal Brand Ambassadors.  We help our clients create a Give Value First Culture™.


We help companies that need outplacement that creates a positive customer experience!

Traditional Outplacement does not work.  We help people multiply their Professional Brand to multiply opportunities.

Our Core Engager Solution

We help professionals with their cultural due diligence throughout the Mergers & Acquisitions Process.

You can now gain stakeholder due diligence insights based on stakeholder experiential data, versus relying on individual perceptions.  CoreEngager™ utilizes AI-based data analytics to support stakeholder due diligence and cultivates stakeholder engagement from deal inception through post-deal integration.

Digital Content rocket

We help Professionals and Businesses that want to create the right impression on LinkedIn.

Our Brand Control is A.R.T.™  online program will teach Professional Digital Citizenship skills on how to use LinkedIn to execute on creating a Rock Solid Professional Brand that turns Employee Profiles into Brand Ambassador Profiles.


We future-proof Careers.

We help Professionals and Leaders ‘Navigate a Future No One Can Predict’ with our Ahead of the Curve Career Coaching.  Our career coaching is designed to provide a strategy for building a future-proof career, and a community to support you on your journey.

Keynote Speakers Michael Levine and Tracy Levine

Dynamic Keynote Speakers!

Hire Tracy Levine or Michael Levine for your next Conferences,  Association Events, or Corporation Event if you are looking for Ahead of the Curve Keynote Speakers.  Learn “What is really Causing Disengagement,” the “New definition of engagement for 2020 and Beyond”,  “How to Re-engage with Current Employees and Recruit Top Talent,” and “How Professionals must lead in the age of Globalization, Automation, and Digital Transformation.”