Disengaged: Ending the Culture of Bribery

When the only thing an employee gets from an employer is a PAYCHECK that is bribery!

The Merriam Webster Dictionary Defines Bribery as: “Influencing the judgment or conduct with offers of money.”

When is a company paycheck bribery?

If a paycheck is all you offer as an employer, you are bribing the employee to take a job that does not provide long term career stability and increasing Professional Brand growth.

Bribery will not end ghosting.

Employers need to embrace what top talent who is ghosting them already knows, online financials, job descriptions, and mission statements written by marketing, and marketing controlled “authentic” Brand Ambassadors are a poor substitute for “real” Employee Brand Ambassadors.

Bribery doesn't work.

Why?  Employees are increasingly facing layoffs due to automation and the shrinkage of legacy jobs.



According to CITI GPS, for every one new artificial intelligence and machine learning job added, thirty three legacy jobs are lost. 

Top Talent does respond to real Employee Brand Ambassadors.

Companies must support an employee’s personal brand and growth.  Employees are looking for employers that take proactive measures to manage reskilling and upskilling to mitigate against both job loss and skill shortages.


What will top talent see if they view your Employees’ LinkedIn Profiles?

  • Incomplete Employee Profiles:  Out of touch and not relevant?
  • Minimal or no relevant upskilling of new in-demand digital or technical skills?
  • Awards, certificates, or classes that only have meaning internally?

The litmus test is simple.  As an employer, you either give value, or you are strictly transitional.

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