Many managers from both the Accounting Team and the Sales Team have made the same observation. Communication between Accounting and
Sales is often like trying to mix oil and water.  It’s not done easily.

In this case, flexibility is ‘king’ when it comes to communications between Accounting and Sales.  The Financial Professionals thought process is
‘I need all of the important information, at the right time, in the right format, and it must be accurate’.  The sales manager and members of the
sales team think ‘I’m being held accountable by management to hit my sales numbers … forms, what forms; I don’t have time for paperwork?’

The Accounting team must become more flexible in their communications with the Sales teams, and must in fact ‘sell’ to the Sales team why
certain information provided by the Sales organization to Accounting is required to fully support the Sales organization, and that Accounting can
help Sales teams sell more products/services when information flow is effective.  The Accounting team needs to know which vendors to pay first
to assure there is adequate inventory to sell during the next spike in demand.  Financial Managers also need to understand sales trends so that
requests may be made to the bank for funding of special sales initiatives.  Without good information flow, both Accounting and Sales will be
frustrated, and the Sales team will sell less than they otherwise should.
The Financial Professional’s Role in
Communicating with the Sales Organization
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